BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Contemporary Fine Art Bindings for Sale

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I now sell contemporary fine art bookbindings!

Visit me at:

Featured artists, so far, are:

Malina Belcheva

Mark Cockram

Christine Giard

Sonya Sheats

It’s inevitable, isn’t it? I love books and bookselling. I adore contemporary fine art bookbinding. Just look at the books I’m selling! Each binding is wonderful. Each binder uses a range of materials and structures to realize their designs. Some make your eyes pop. Some are more subtle. What unites them is craftsmanship, passion, and creativity. I represent binders whose work I like, regardless of nationality.

I am still committed to writing this blog. I will continue to showcase the work of binders practicing in the Americas. I also intend to make a living doing what I love. The market is there. I feel it.

Work with me, binders! Show me what you’ve got.

Collectors: these bindings are amazing and so are the binders. Most of them accept commissions. Let’s be in touch. Let’s get you what you really want.



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