I’ve Been Shopping

It’s for research. Really.

I picked this up at the New York Art Book Fair


Even better is this postcard that was laid in.
Diagram by Clive Phillpot.












What’s the deal with this? 119 of the 222 lots are in French fine art bindings, including 16 by my French binder crush Pierre-Lucien Martin.
Many thanks to David Wachtel of Sotheby’s.


Oh, look! An American binder!


The Tradition of Fine Bookbinding in the Twentieth Century,
Catalogue of an Exhibition, Pittsburgh, 1979.
A bunch of American fine art binders in here including Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt, Thomas Patterson, and Jean Gunner.


Timothy C. Ely. The Flight into Egypt: binding the book. Chronicle Books: San Francisco, 1995. The trade edition of the unique 1985 artists’ book by Ely entitled Binding the Book: The Flight into Egypt.


Check out this spread










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