About the Blog

I am in love with books: the content, the structure, and the binding. Books, when everything goes well, are the perfect combination of my love of literature and decorative arts.

I’m a former antiquarian bookseller, archivist, and rare book librarian. I got to play with and talk about the best books in the world every day.

However, I didn’t realize until recently that something was missing. I dedicate this blog to those unintentionally responsible for my revelation: an auction house, a man with a vision, and a bookbinder.

This blog is not about them or my work. It is a chronicle of my investigations into contemporary designer bookbinding in the Americas. I don’t know what I will find. I don’t even know if what I write will be technically accurate. I do know that it will be fun.

Abby Schoolman


2 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Adela Ball

    Hi Abby, I don’t remember anymore why I get eMail alerts for your posts —I think it was originally through the Wellesley group on LinkedIn— but I just want to say that I’m so delighted every time you publish a post. Even though, for the most part, I am far removed from your dreamy, lovely world of books and bookbinding, and have absolutely nothing to add to the conversation, I really enjoy reading what you have to say and gobbling up the eye candy. Your enthusiasm is contagious and you’ve set a fine example for anyone who wants to write about what they love.
    Keep it coming! Thank you,


  2. Neale M. Albert

    Abby.thank you so much for the reference to me. I would be very glad to have a dialogue with you about designer binding. Neale Albert.



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