Recent Acquisitions and Why

You know what I’m really good at? Buying books about bookbinding. I bought my first catalog of a bookbinding exhibit in April of 2000 (I still have the receipt). This is where my money goes, instead of feeding my family. Fortunately, since I’m good at it, I didn’t pay much for most of these. The Tarlau book is a notable exception in more than one way. I paid a lot for it and it’s a novel. My excuse? It’s a very thinly disguised autobiography. I can’t speak for the very personal details, but it’s about her experiences within the bookbinding community in France. Names have been changed, but even I can identify many of the characters. It’s an education.

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Have More Fun

Working out teaching genealogies is a pain in the ass (can I say that?) It’s complicated, time consuming, and boring to write about. I’ve gone astray already! Mea culpa.

I want to write about books and binders and beauty and technique. To that end, I’m hoping to return to The Grolier Club shortly, because…
I have been given permission to handle the Neale Albert Collection miniatures! I will get to hold those babies, very gently, and really look at them. Maybe I should bring a loupe. I will definitely bring a real camera. Soon, I hope to get my hands on normal size books, but with over 200 designer bindings by dozens of binders virtually at my doorstep, I’m pretty excited about the minis. Some of the binders, like Gabrielle Fox, specialize in miniatures, but most do not. I really look forward to looking at those little beauties; feeling the textures, learning about the delicacy and finesse required to bind at that scale.

Here is some more eye candy.

Gabrielle Fox Borders
Gabrielle Fox
Jan Sabota The Rose Trilogy  (Rebecca Press)
Jan Sabota
The Rose Trilogy
(Rebecca Press)
Louise Genest Erte Maquettes  (Rebecca Press)
Louise Genest
Erte Maquettes
(Rebecca Press)
Jamie Kamph The Seasons  (Jonathan von Phitzer Press)
Jamie Kamph
The Seasons
(Jonathan von Phitzer Press)