Sofia Mendizabal Eye Candy


Gil Jouanard 2
Gil Jouanard – Savoir où Ediciones Fata Morgana Estructura francesa / encartonado Pleno cuero box beige. Decoración con técnica de mosaico. cuero impreso y lijado. 22,2 x 14,7 cm

My exposure to and familiarity with bookbinding did not happen very long ago. I majored in art history at UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires), and I had always worked in the plastic arts. It was at the end of 2011 that, encouraged by a friend, I enrolled in an intensive course that art bookbinder Sol Rébora was giving in her studio. It was there that I discovered a world that I had absolutely known nothing about, that of artistic bookbinding. This combination of “savoir faire” of the profession, and the artistic design, captured me completely. Since then, I have devoted myself to my professional development: taking whatever course I could, attending all through 2012 the classes taught by Sol, and attending the regular workshops of Eduardo Tarrico as well. And then planning what was, for me, the most relevant experience I had in relation to my professional growth: my trip to Paris.

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And the Winners Are…Part 2

Do over!

It has come to my attention that I failed to provide any information about the content of the winning bindings. Now I have that information. I also have physical descriptions. Unfortunately for many of us, they are in Spanish. On the up side, for the linguistically challenged (me), we can consult the Multilingual Bookbinding and Conservation Dictionary (Google Translate is completely useless and sometimes hilarious). I also omitted the award for the Best Binding by an Argentinian.

So here they are again, with actual information:

Gavin Dovey

William Shakespeare. The Tempest.Caliban Press: New York, 2001. Ejemplar 16/125.

Encuadernación de estilo Bradel en cuero de cabra montada sobre escartivanas. Cuero trabajado con aerografía en degradé. Decoración a partir de mosaicos y trabajo de hierros. Guardas en papel decorado. Cabezadas bordadas con hilos de seda. Continue reading “And the Winners Are…Part 2”