Questions for Binders

How did you discover bookbinding as a concept?

What drew you to it?

How and when did you decide to try your hand at it?

Many people drawn to bookbinding start with a basic box-making or case binding class. How did you begin?

What made you want to continue?

Why did you feel compelled to study and practice designer binding in addition to or instead of trade binding, restoration, or conservation?

What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of your work?


2 Comments on “Questions for Binders”

  1. I made little books since grade school. They were really simple. When I painted paintings I made booklets about the work, how it was going, the ideas I was thinking about and mailed them to everyone and anyone. This kept my spirits up because it was lonely working in a little town called Iron Bridge in Northern Ontario Canada, Now I’ve moved to Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada. I write stuff I call poetry and I make images by various means. I’m learning on my own becase there are no courses here. I like making books or booklets because I can keep track of my thoughts that way. I admire artists books and admire books that are made using printing presses and other machinery. I feel very close to others’ and my thoughts when I handle books. It’s pretty exciting – a book that is. Thank you so much, Karin Doleske


  2. I didn’t discover Bookbinding as a concept, but as a Trade, having handled 10-14 ct Bindings as a Librarian at a prominent Library. Entered into a formal apprenticeship in Germany, served 3 years, got my Journeyman papers and worked and studied for 4 years from Paris to Spain, did a year in Germany again to receive my Master degree in handbookbinding.

    The most compelling aspect of my work is to explain to people that than you have my skills and knowledge you work with the best material available and I can’t fart out a full Leather binding , hand tooled for the meager sum they offer, can’t even buy the material.



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