Winners Announced: Designer Bookbinders International Competition 2017

On Monday evening the winners of Designer Bookbinders 3rd International Bookbinding competition ‘Hero Works’ were announced at the Awards Ceremony and exhibition opening at the Bodleian Library’s new Weston Library, Oxford.

The big winners are:

First Prize (£10,000. Binding given to the Bodleian Library)
Andrea Odametey (Germany): Daedelus and Icarus

Andrea Odametey 1st prize small

Andrea Odametey (Germany): Daedelus and Icarus

Second Prize (£6,000. Binding given to the Getty Collection at Wormsley)
Rachel Ward-Sale (UK): The Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite

Rachel Ward-Sale 2nd prize small

Rachel Ward-Sale (UK): The Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite

26 other awards were presented: 25 Silver Prizes to Distinguished Winners, those with the best entries in the competition, and Kaori Maki (UK) took home the Oxford University Students’ Choice (£500) for her binding of The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.

Kaori Maki Bamboo Cutter small

Kaori Maki (UK): The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter

Gerry Summers Hero Award

Trophy designed by Gerry Summers

Binders from The Americas made a strong showing in the Silver Prize category of winners:

Kaitlin Barber Equus small

Kaitlin Barber (Canada): Equus

Gavin Dovey Metamorphoses small

Gavin Dovey (USA): Metamorphoses

Mark Esser Blind Date small

Mark Esser (USA): Blind Date

Monique Lallier Pantagruel small

Monique Lallier (USA): Pantagruel

Sol Rébora Noble Knight small

Sol Rébora (Argentina): The Noble Knight Paris & the Fair Vienne

Priscilla Spitler In the Garden small

Priscilla Spitler (USA): In the Garden

Congratulations to all the winners!



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