International Forum of Artistic Bookbinding

Several weeks ago I showed this:

ARA xi 1

This three-month long exhibit in Nîmes, on display for only two more weeks, shows 255 recent bindings by members of Les Amis de la Reliure d’Art. It is not surprising that France is overwhelmingly represented. ARA was founded in France in 1982. There are active branches in Belgium, Canada, Greece, Italy, and Switzerland, but binders from many other countries participated. Clearly, a binder does not have to be a resident or citizen of one of the countries with an active branch to be a member. Presumably, a binder living in the United States, Central, or South America could join. I wish more binders in the Americas were members so they could submit bindings. This is the XIth Forum International de la Reliure d’Art (FIRA). It’s a biennial event, in a different city each time. It’s a great forum for showing work to a European audience.

Seven binders living in the United States have bindings in the exhibit. Since it does not appear to be online and only 600 copies of the massive catalog were printed, I am sacrificing the health of my copy in order to scan some of the contents. Sorry about the quality of the scans. I did my best.

Adelman fira USA

Belcheva fira USA

Curry fira USA 1

Ingalls fira USA

Lallier fira USA

Owen fira USA

Verheyen fira USA

Don’t you love how the measurements are shown in comparison to a standard A4 sheet of paper? I’ve never seen that done before.


2 thoughts on “International Forum of Artistic Bookbinding

  1. That’s a great way to show the relative size of each book and I’ve never seen it illustrated like that before. I like all the bindings but especially the small one with the pearls which I would like to buy as a gift for my wife who loves pearls almost as much as books!



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