Gavin Dovey Speaks for Himself

How to write a post about Paper Dragon Books?

Although it’s hardly necessary I have to post about Gavin Dovey because he is insanely creative. Or creatively insane. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. He has a great blog and Facebook page so you be the judge. There’s a great 5 minute interview of Gavin here, where he talks while he works. It isn’t as recent as his TV debut in the series New York Originals (series 2, episode 7), but it’s on the web. You have to buy the New York Originals DVD. He’s also in the companion book. Paper Dragon Books is in another book:  Made in New York 

The first thing about Gavin you will notice in his PDB blog and Facebook page is that if you need a binder to do something really weird, he’s your guy. He can’t walk away from a dare.

After watching the interview with him on YouTube, take a look at his other videos. The Hunter S. Thompson airbrush video looks to me like an example of “flow,” which I think is the current term for being “in the zone.” He also has demo videos for making craquele and doing gilt finishing.

Happy Festivus!



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