Gabrielle Fox: Not Just Miniatures

Perhaps you recall that I mentioned Gabrielle Fox in the context of Neale Albert’s collection of miniature designer bindings. Well, guess what? While all of Gabrielle’s bindings I have seen in person are minis, she does not restrict her considerable talent to books you can hold in the palm of your hand. You can read all about Gabrielle’s training and practice in The Thread That Binds. A more abbreviated version and her impressive CV are available on her website.

Without further ado, I present a selection of bindings by Gabrielle Fox:

Fox Sabbath 2

Fox tempest

Fox Nantucket

fox paperbound

Fox Vesalius 2

fox Sabbaths 2002 with measurements

fox watermelon

P.S. I’ll be in Boston all week. I’ll be hanging out with my best friend and editor, Sheri Galyean, binders  Sonya Sheats, Jim Reid-Cunningham, and Jeff Altepeter at North Bennet Street School, before I return to my virtually all-consuming day job, the best bookish job ever: antiquarian bookseller. If you are in the Boston area, I encourage you to visit the Boston Antiquarian Book Fair. It is well worth your time. I probably won’t have time to blog, but follow me on twitter @americanbound, or keep an eye on my twitter feed on the right side of the page.



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